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Winter Formal Court

posted Dec 6, 2016, 12:36 PM by Pam Frangedakis
Congratulations to the following students for being voted onto the Winter Formal Court!  

Freshmen:  Max Chaney/Taelyn Allen
                   Eli Southard/Abby Balfour

Sophomores:  Nicky Garcia/Mackenzie Anthens
                        Zach Benton/Jolie Thompson

Juniors:  Nick Maddox/Trinity Fox
                Sam Williams/Bethany Ramage

Seniors:  Jared Nemec/Magen Jorgensen
                Brennen Bales/Parker Lee
                Derek Riege/Brittany Giles
                Noah Hamilton/Kaitlyn Smallfoot
                Christian Knapp/Becky Reynolds
                Duncan Coe/Tessa Kinart
                Andrew Harrah/Michaela Wright

*Due to two students being absent, pictures will be posted tomorrow.