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Nebraska College Requirements

University of Nebraska: Entrance Requirements 
(Kearney - Lincoln - Omaha)

Freshman Admission: Admission to UNK, UNL, or UNO is based upon high school curriculum and ACT score or class rank.  Admission requirements for colleges within the University of Nebraska system are in the individual college sections of the University's bulletin.

Assured Admission: Freshmen who graduate from an accredited high school, and who successfully complete the 16 units of college preparatory work described below, and who graduate in the upper half of their class, or have a composite ACT score of 20 or higher, or a combined SAT score of 950 or higher are assured admission to the University of Nebraska.

Admission by Review: Applications from individuals who do not meet the requirements for assured admission will receive individual review by an admissions officer.  Students who are admitted through the Admission by Review process will be admitted in full standing, but may have certain conditions attached to their enrollment.  Students who are admitted without completing all 16 core course requirements, for example, will be required to successfully complete an approved college-level course in the area of deficiency within their first 30 credit hours.

Deferred Admission: Students who do not meet the requirements for Assured Admission, and who are not admitted after individual review of their application materials will be deferred until they have gained additional academic preparation.

High School Curriculum Required For UNK, UNL, and UNO
A student planning to attend the University of Nebraska is expected to follow a college preparatory curriculum, listed below, which includes at least 16 yearlong courses. 

•  4 Units of English:  All units must include intensive reading and writing experience.

•  3 Units of Mathematics:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II.  UNL requires one additional   year that builds on a knowledge of algebra (such as Algebra III or Trigonometry).

•  3 Units of Social Sciences:  At least one unit of American and/or world history and one     additional unit of history, American Government, and/or geography.

•  3 Units of Natural Science:  At least 2 units selected from biology, chemistry, physics, and   earth sciences.  One of the above units must include laboratory instruction.

•   2 Units of Foreign Language:  Both units must be in the same language.

•   Additional Academic Requirements:  UNO and UNK require one unit chosen from any     of the above academic disciplines.  UNL requires 4 units of math.

Typical College Admission Policies for 2 and 4 Year Colleges 
College admissions policies may be characterized as follows: 


• OPEN: All high school graduates accepted to limit of capacity.
  Examples: Metro Community College, Southeast Community College,
  Peru State, Chadron State, Wayne State
  Typical ACT score:  17-20

• LIBERAL: Some accepted freshmen from lower half of H.S. graduating class.
  Typical ACT score:  18-21

TRADITIONAL: All accepted freshmen in top 50% of H.S. graduating class.
  Examples: UNK, UNL, UNO
  Typical ACT score: 20-23

• SELECTIVE: Majority of accepted freshmen in top 25% of H.S. graduating class.
  Examples:  Creighton University, Dana College, Nebraska Wesleyan, Hastings College
  Typical ACT score:  22-27

HIGHLY SELECTIVE: Majority of accepted freshmen in top 10% of HS graduating class.
  Examples: Duke University, Stanford University, Yale University
  Typical ACT score: 27-31