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Dual Credit & College Credit Courses

Students may take dual credit classes at Nebraska City High School for high school credit and college credit.  Dual Credit classes are offered through Southeast Community College and Peru State College.  Below is a list outlining Dual Credit courses offered at NCHS.  For each of these classes, students will receive 5 credits per semester at NCHS; the amount of credit offered by the college is listed below.

Course #CourseCollegeCredits
ENG 101Composition IPeru State College3 credits
MATH 225CalculusPeru State College5 credits
MATHCollege AlgebraPeru State College3 credits

NCHS also offers classes that are available for college credit only.  Those classes are listed below. 

Course #CourseCollegeCredits
PSYC 1810PsychologySoutheast Community College3 credits
SOCI 1010SociologySoutheast Community College3 credits

Students must follow these guidelines when registering for dual credit classes:

•   Students must meet all prerequisites in order to register.  Specific requirements are available in the counselor's office.

•   Students who register for Dual Credit Courses can choose to register to receive college credit or not.
•   Students must sign up for these classes during regular registration.

•   Tuition for Dual Credit and College level courses will be paid by the student the first week of the semester.  Tuition is set by each individual college.  The school district will not pay tuition for any class offered for college credit.

•   Students taking a class for college credit will be responsible for required textbooks and fees.

Dual Credit classes are generally accepted at post secondary institutions, but students are encouraged to directly contact post secondary institutions regarding their policies.  Tip:  Whenever you visit with a registrar or admissions official, especially with out-of-state schools, if they agree to grant transfer credit, get the agreement in writing.