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Graduation Requirements & Curriculum Guide

2019-2020 Curriculum Guide (DRAFT-PENDING BOARD APPROVAL)

General Registration Information

Students graduating from NCHS must successfully complete 240 credit hours of course work and 40 clock hours of community service. Each class is worth 5 credits per semester. Minimum requirements by subject area are listed below.

Graduation Requirements

Subject Area                                             
Language Arts                                            

Social Sciences                                          

Physical Education    
School to Career    
Careers and Human Development
Fine Arts   

Creative Studies     

Total Credits
 Required Credit Hours


    Community Service Requirement
  • 40 clock hours (10 hours per school year)

Typical Academic Timeline for Core Requirements

9th Grade                                                                 

o   English 1 (1 semester)            

o   Communications 1 (1 semester)                                            

o   World Cultures (2 semesters) 

o   Earth Science (2 semesters)                                                                            

o   Mathematics (2 semesters)                                         

o   Physical Education 1 (1 semester)

10th Grade

o   English 2 (2 semesters)

o   American History (2 semesters)

o   Biology (2 semesters)

o   Mathematics (2 semesters)

o   Careers & Human Development (1 semester)

11th Grade                                       

o   American Literature (1 semester)

o   English Literature (1 semester)                                  

o   American Government (2 semesters)                         

o   Mathematics (2 semesters)

o   Physical Education 2 (1 semester)

                        12th Grade

o   Language Arts (2 semesters)

o   Social Studies (1 semester)

Mid-term Graduation

Students may be allowed to graduate in three and one half years (December of 12th grade year); however, the REQUIREMENTS TO GRADUATE REMAIN THE SAME. Parent or guardian permission is required for mid-term graduation. Students wishing to graduate mid-term must inform the school administration or counselor prior to the end of the 11th grade school year.  All graduation requirements must be met prior to mid-term graduation.


Course Selection Guidelines

1.     All students, unless previously approved by building administration, must be enrolled in seven classes per semester.

2.     All students are encouraged to select rigorous courses that will prepare them for a future in their vocation of choice.

3.     All students are required to consult with parents or guardians when selecting courses.

4.     Students who fail courses will be required to make-up the required credits.

5.     NCPS reserves the right to amend course offerings based on student interest and enrollment.