Semester Exam & Guidelines

Nebraska City High School
Semester Exam Schedule & Guidelines 
1st Semester - 2018/2019 

Semester Test Guidelines:

  1. All students will participate in all tests or evaluations as requested by their teachers. Students that do not show up for their tests and have not cleared this through Mr. Koehler will be assessed a zero.

  2. Students will have open campus both days. Responsibility in this area is the key! Students may only be in tests, library, or gym. Students not in these places are not to be loitering in the halls or the gym area.

  3. Students must complete the tests to the satisfaction of the classroom teacher. Students will be dismissed by the individual teachers when all requirements have been met.

  4. Students must be on time for each test and the tests must be taken at the time that is assigned to that period unless illness is a factor. Students late to class may not be admitted into the testing center and stand a chance of being issued a zero. NO EXCUSES!

  5. Lunch will be served each day from 11:30 to 12:30. Students are welcome to eat lunch at school during that time. Please tell your homeroom teacher if you plan to eat lunch at school those two days. We would like to have some approximate numbers.

  6. Each day from 11:00 to 11:30 AM will be an optional Advisory time reserved for teachers to help students with questions or projects.

  7. If a student has been suspended during the semester or currently has detention time, he or she is unable to opt-out of finals.