Congratulations Mr. Stukenholtz

Congratulations Jason!

Jason received 2nd at state completion on his proficiency. His proficiency is in the area of diversified ag - placement which includes general farm work. A proficiency is a way for kids to get rewarded for their projects.

What makes this category so competitive is that it is placement and entrepreneurship kids combined. Placement is when they work for someone and entrepreneurship is when they own the project. 

It is VERY difficult for a placement kid to place over an entrepreneurship kid since they generally have similar skills but the entrepreneurship kid has many assets and is making more management and business decisions. 

Jason placed above several entrepreneurship kids to reach the state level completion.

I will just say that the kid that won farms his own 140 irrigated acres and has over $100000 in assets. Let's just say that Jason did us proud.

Tomorrow Jason will receive his state degree and competes for Star in Agricultural Placement.