MASQ Participants

Two members of the Nebraska City High School elected to compete in a national online speech tournament called "The MASQ," which stands for Making Art while Socially Quarantined.   Ellie Higgins competed in humorous prose and serious prose, and Isabelle Bare competed in humorous prose. 

There were over 180 schools that competed in this online speech tournament that was completed from May 13th-May 17th. Students had to submit a video of their performances that were evaluated by judges from across the United States.

Ellie Higgins' stellar performance helped her advance to the semi-final round of 12 contestants for humorous prose, and she placed 10th overall in humorous prose which is an impressive accomplishment. 

Coach Justin Aaberg said "I am happy that these students took the opportunity to perform their pieces one last time for the season. It will be exciting to see how the team performs next season as we will be much more experienced team overall."