On September 22nd, all NCHS Seniors will be taking the ACT Exam and NCHS Juniors will be taking the Pre-ACT Exam.  Both of these exams were originally scheduled for April of this year so we are excited to be able to provide this opportunity. This ACT exam is free to families, an excellent opportunity to earn scholarships, and could provide colleges with necessary entrance requirements.  The Pre-ACT is also free and a great way for students to learn the testing process and have exposure to what the ACT Exam is like.  

Freshmen and Sophomores will not report to school on Tuesday, September 22nd due to the testing of Seniors and Juniors.  Since there will be no make up, we are asking that no appointments for Seniors or Juniors are scheduled on Tuesday, September 22nd.  For Freshmen and Sophomores, this would be an excellent day to schedule appointments or work on community service.