Pioneers of Jazz

March is Music in our Schools Month! To celebrate, we wanted to share what our awesome students are doing in the performing ensembles offered at Nebraska City Public School.

Pioneers of Jazz is the High School Jazz Band, consisting of members of the concert band, grades 9-12. The ensemble rehearses 2-3 days a week during "zero hour" (7:00-7:45). The instruments that comprise the group are: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, drums, and vibraphone. In jazz band we play blues, latin, swing, rock, and other genres.

This year we have ten members playing secondary instruments (not the instrument they play in concert band).  This means that they are learning how to produce sound, fingerings, articulations, etc. all over again and speaking a new musical language known as jazz!

The middle school jazz band has just started their rehearsals as well. That group is made up of 7th and 8th graders and includes non-traditional jazz instruments to allow everyone the chance to participate!

The next jazz band performance will take place on April 9th at 7pm and you can catch it on the Nebraska City Youtube channel!