Teacher section for the evening

On February 1st students and teachers battled for who was the section that brought the school spirit. The battle took place during the basketball games against Plattsmouth. The theme of the night for the students was to dress up as teachers and the teachers were to dress up like students. 

‘’The vibe of the student section was great, everyone was together trying to be loud and have fun,’’ Jesse Lopez, Laura Perafan, and Daniela Rojas said about the game. 

It was one of the biggest student sections that a basketball game has ever had commented the girls basketball team, about the student section. 

In my opinion we were the loudest. I was present at the game. It was great having a lot of the students involved in supporting the girls and boys basketball teams. Not only students from high school were there, but it was great to see the middle school students there too. The teacher section was also trying to be loud, they had a good time being dressed up as students. They looked really comfortable wearing sweats and t-shirts like the students do.