A Hall of Fame in the main hallway appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, one day and if you were anything like us you wondered where it came from. So we went looking found some answers to how this happened. The way they pick the nominees is, of course, the most important. The Hall of Fame committee put together a list of candidates and then narrowed it down to 13 inductees for different categories. This is just the inaugural year.

The Hall of Fame committee will continue looking for 5-7 inductees every year. With the many great athletes at NCHS the committee had a long list for potential inductees, but were unable to get to everyone. This will be solved moving forward by allowing the community, family, and students to nominate athletes. A nomination form is in the works and will be distributed when available.

The one who originally proposed the idea was Ron Schaulis. He saw a promise in the athletes at NCHS and as a teacher and a coach felt like the high school was missing something. He felt that an Athletic Hall of Fame was something that could create appreciation and acknowledgement towards our great athletes.

Schaulis took his idea to the Athletic Booster Club. This in turn caused them to set up a sub-committee to discuss the idea. This included the process for starting the Hall of Fame. They devised by-laws for who would sit on the committee and how selections of athletes would be made. This whole project and the process were all done in hopes of sharing the achievements of the athletes of Nebraska City High School. Moving forward it could even motivate some to strive for more greatness.