It’s that time of year again folks: it’s Quiz Bowl season! The NCHS Quiz Bowl team has been hard at work preparing for competition every Monday during AAP, and they have also recently participated in a few tournaments. Before we dive into those, let’s briefly talk about what Quiz Bowl is and how a normal competition works.

Quiz Bowl is a competition that is all about trivia. This trivia can range from math to history to literature to geography, as well as a variety of other miscellaneous topics. Teams usually have four players, and they compete head-to-head. Buzzers are provided, and questions are read aloud by a proctor. A correct answer grants ten points, an incorrect answer grants zero points, and if a question is correct, a bonus question may be asked that only the team that got the correct answer can answer. The team can discuss the answer to this bonus question, unlike normal questions, in which no communication is allowed. If this bonus question is correct, five points are added to the team’s total. The usual amount of time per question is ten seconds, but 20 seconds are given for math questions.

A Quiz Bowl competition usually consists of several teams from various schools that get together and compete in a tournament-style format at a designated host school. Tournaments are usually either single or double elimination. The NCHS team recently participated in the Trailblazer Conference Quiz Bowl Tournament at Ralston. They did relatively well, but they didn’t end up winning. Members of the team commented, “It was a very fun experience.”

The Pioneers recently participated in a Quiz Bowl event hosted by B103. Unlike most competitions, this one was done live on the radio. The format of this event was much different than a normal tournament. For example, instead of buzzing in, teams were each asked three different questions individually. There was no buzzing in. The Pioneers lost their first round, won their second round, but ultimately ended up losing to Lourdes in the third round. All their matches were very close, and they weren’t discouraged by the end result.

The season isn’t over just yet. The Pioneers have one more tournament on April 1st that they’re hoping to dominate now that they have some experience on what an in-person quiz bowl event looks like from the Ralston tournament. 

Here’s what Mr. Myers, the new sponsor of quiz bowl this year, had to say:

So this year is my first as the Quiz Bowl Sponsor. When we started the year, there were a few hurdles that we had to overcome. Specifically, adding new members and finding a suitable practice time. Due to our team's schedules and other commitments, we have had to use AAP on Monday as our practice time. Our practices have been extremely informal, as we only have our main four team members (Anthony, Caleb, Dallas, and Zach) and our alternate (Marcus). While we haven't had a lot of success this year (1-2 in the B103 meet and 1-2 in the conference meet), we will be competing in the ESU 4 quiz bowl meet in April and we're hoping to have a lot of success there. I think our future is bright and I expect our team and success to grow next year. With that being said, there is a lot that I need to do for us to improve. I'm planning on being at the 8th grade orientation night to introduce our incoming freshmen to Quiz Bowl and I will hopefully add a few more upperclassmen as well. That's a simple solution for our team's numbers, but there is plenty more to do!”