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Dear Pioneer Family:

Nebraska City HS Vision for the 2022/2023 School Year:

Provide all students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in every class.  Provide a safe environment in which everyone is valued and respected.  In partnership with families and the community, we will create relevant learning opportunities — both inside and outside the classroom — that develop students’ knowledge and character necessary to “maximize their gifts.”

Academic Excellence:  Students doing their best to improve academically.  

Every one of us has been provided with natural talents, or gifts, that are unique.  If we maximize these gifts, the impact we can have on others is immeasurable.   Simple in theory and difficult to practice.  Working hard each day to be better can be tiring, hard, and mentally draining- BUT the reward is worth it! 

Each student is fully in control of their destiny and we will provide the opportunity for Pioneers to “maximize their gifts” on a daily basis.  Students will need to provide the effort… show up, work hard (not just work-but work HARD), and help others be their best.  I can’t wait to see what this year holds for those who “do their best”.  

We have a great staff assembled and ready to go to strengthen students’ ability to practice these traits and earn academic success.  I am excited for this year and to see dreams come true!  As always, if you need anything please email me at or call/text me at 402-209-2587


Brian Hoover 

NCHS Principal


Schedule Changes:

Schedules are available on Powerschool.  Students wishing to drop or add a class will need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Kori Vodicka to do so by emailing her at  All changes to schedules must be completed by August 17th!

 Vaping: Please be aware that NCPD will be contacted regarding any students caught with vaping products and tickets could be issued.  In addition, please know that an out of school suspension will be issued for any student vaping or in possession of any vaping products. 

Attendance/Tardies: Students should set a goal of being in attendance 90% or more of the school year.  Those that are here find success!  We will work with families if attendance becomes an issue.  In addition, being on time is very important.  The goal is to be on time for school/class 90% of the time or more during the school year.  We will make a plan for improvement if tardiness to school/class becomes an issue.  Bottomline: If you are here and on time, your chances to reach academic excellence increase!  

Student drop off: Students must enter the building (building opens at 7:15am) through the east entrances in the morning.  Please pull as far forward (south) as possible when dropping off your student in the morning.  Recommendation:  Line begins to form at 7:45am, consider dropping your student off before 7:45am to avoid congestion.  

Student pick up:

 Students can not be picked up on Steinhart Park Rd.

East entrances to building:  This is a ONE-WAY (north to south) section of our parking lot.  Traffic can be an issue if it is between 3:30 and 3:50pm.  These entrances will be best for those arriving before 3:30pm or after 3:50pm for pick-up/drop-off.   

North entrance to building:  If you like to arrive early to pick up your student, this is the exit is for you!  Park in the North lot and make arrangements for your student to exit out the north side of the building.

South entrance to building:  Students can be picked up at this location.  If you are going to need to wait for your student, please wait in a parking stall. 

West entrance to building: This entrance is underutilized and may be the best for pick-up.  This is a ONE-WAY (south to north) section of our parking lot.  You will enter the parking lot on the south side, drive in between the football field and the building, drop off/pick up, and then exit by going through the north parking lot.  

BUS PICK UP:  If you have students riding the bus after school, please be aware that buses will now dropoff/pickup students on the north side of the building after school!

Get Involved!

 - Students engaging in two or more school activities drastically improve their chances to perform at a higher academic level, earn scholarships, and graduate with honors. 

Clubs such as:  DECA, FCCLA, FFA, Science Club, Varsity Club, FCA

Activities such as:  One-Act, Speech, Cheerleading, Quiz Bowl, Student Council

Sports information is available from Mr. Thompson at

Important Online Information:


Nebraska City Public Schools App:  Our NCPS app is available in the App store!  

Website: Please check the for important information throughout the year.  All class information, daily announcements, calendar, homework information, scholarship information, and events can be found on the “high school” tab of the website. 


Facebook & Twitter:  Updates on activities and sports are often put on our Facebook and Twitter page so check those out at:  

Facebook: Nebraska City High School

Twitter: @NCHS_Pioneers


August 9th - Open House

NCHS will host an open house on Tuesday, August 9th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Parents and students should attend at your convenience.

  • Show families how to sign forms online. 

  • Show families how to pay fees online.

  • Pay $25 for the Chromebook “Protection Plan”

  • Collect Chromebooks

6:30 Senior Parent Meeting - Mrs. Vodicka will host a meeting at 6:30pm in the auditorium covering a timeline for the school year.  When should I apply to college?  When are scholarships due?  What is the FAFSA?

7:00pm Junior Parent Meeting - Mrs. Vodicka will host a meeting at 7:00pm in the auditorium covering information related to the ACT, college visits, and answering questions related to this pivotal year.

August 11th - First day for Freshmen (8:00am - 1:30pm) First day of school for FRESHMEN!  We are going to begin this year by having our freshmen come in on the first day to get acclimated to the building, staff, and expectations.  All Freshmen will have the chance to find their classes and meet with their Senior Advisors! See you at 8:00am sharp.


August 12th - First day for all Pioneers 8:00am - 1:30pm:  First day of school for the entire student body! See you at 8:00am.


Nebraska City High School’s Pillars: Integrity, Teamwork, Perseverance, Support