Dear Students, Parents, and Patrons of NCHS:

Our mission at Nebraska City High School is, “To create a positive environment that builds a sense of community, where teamwork, risk taking, and being actively engaged in a variety of academic venues, prepares our students to become contributing members of society.  

By focusing on our mission we want every NCHS graduate to attend a post- secondary institution or military. Today’s job market isn’t what it was ten or twenty years ago and as a result, students need the additional training for their chosen career. I don’t care if it is a traditional college, military, a two-year college, a vocational school, or trade school, everyone needs the education to find success in their lives. Every student will need some type of training regardless of his or her chosen career. Over the past five years, 86% of NCHS graduates enrolled in a post-secondary institution or joined the military. This is a good number, but we want to keep moving forward so that EVERY graduate finds success.

 Please know that I am available to meet with you in person or talk to you over the telephone to discuss your child’s education. As the instructional leader of this campus I am responsible for all decisions made in the best interest of your child. I look forward to a great year and to meeting all our new students and families.


Brian Hoover – NCHS Principal

Nebraska City High School’s Expectations:


1. Teach Kids Skills.

2. Praise and Compliment.

3. Correct Misbehavior.

4. Be Organized.

5. Have High Energy.

6. Model.

7. Communicate with Parents.

8. Understand the Big Picture.


1. Have Your Child be on Time with Proper Supplies.

2. Support the Teachers.

3. Voice Concerns Appropriately.

4. Praise and Compliment Your Child, Rather than Criticize.

5. Model Appropriate Behavior at all extra-curricular events.

6. Problem-Solve Issues Your Child Has with Teachers or Coaches.


1. Listen to Your Teachers.

2. Follow Teachers’ Instructions.

3. Accept teaching.

4. Get Along with Your Peers.

5. Have High Energy

6. Respect everyone, including all visitors to Nebraska City

7. Be Prepared for Class.

8. Always display Class and Dignity.

9. Handle Disappointment and Adversity Appropriately.

10. Respect Facilities and Equipment.

We believe that if everyone follows these expectations, we will prepare our students for all situations after high school.