Health Curriculum

The Health Academy at NCPS consists of the following courses offered through Southeast Community College. Students are able take these courses for college credit at half of the normal SCC cost. All course standards align with the Nebraska Department of Education.

Introduction to Health Sciences (4.5 Credits)Introduction to Health Sciences is a course designed to provide a foundation of knowledge for students planning a career in a health related profession. This course will orient students in careers that promote health, wellness, diagnosis, as well as treat injuries and diseases. Students wile prepared to continue post secondary education focusing on careers directly related to the pathways of research development, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, or therapeutic services. Topics covered may include (but not limited to) healthcare, patient care, disease prevention, identification of medical equipment and supplies, medical terminology, first aid procedures, and ethical and legal responsibilities. Students will be offered a range of clinical practice experiences through affiliations with area hospitals, physician’s clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, rehab facilities, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, and other health related businesses.

Medical Terminology (2 Credits)

A basic study of word parts, medical terms, and abbreviations as it pertains to major body systems. Instructions will be given through the online SENCAP program during second semester. College credit will be available.

Certified Nursing Certification can be obtained during the first semester. This class is part of the SENCAP program. Class material will be presented through an on line class. Hands on and practicals will be taught during the 0 hour during the fall. This certification is the stepping stone to many medical careers.

Certification available: CNA and EMT certification upon successful completion.

Year One - Semester OneYear One - Semester TwoYear Two - Semester OneYear Two - Semester Two
Introduction to Health (taught by Mrs. Johnson/online)Sociology OR Psychology (distance learning)Communications in Allied Health OR Life Span Human Development (online)Complete Medical Terminology (taught by Mrs. Johnson/online)
3 hours of college credit (Student will earn CNA)3 hours of college credit3 hours of college credit3 hours of college credit (Student will earn EMT Certification)