HS Football Game

Please read the following for details on the First HS Football Game.

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again!  School is in session and that means it’s time for fall sports.  Our first home football game is on Friday, Sept. 10th  at 7:00 P.M. and it would be great to see your entire family in the stands cheering on the Pioneers.   

We will have some set expectations for students and their seating options.  

Boys and girls in grades K-8 will have two choices as to where to sit during the game: 

  1. They may sit with a parent or the adult that brought them to the game;


  1. They may sit in the north section of the bleachers (nearest the concession stand).  This section will include all students in grades K-8.  Principals and teachers from various buildings will be supervising this area of the football stadium.  

Boys and girls will not be allowed to do the following:

  1. Walk around the stadium during the game.

  2. Stand in the area that is designated to be a viewing spot for the handicapped.  This is the area to the south of the bleachers by the tree.

  3. Be in the cement area in front of the bleachers.  

  4. Leave the stadium and re-enter.  

  5. Be in any part of the high school building without permission from an administrator. 

Students sitting in the designated area (not with their parents) will be allowed to go to the restroom and to the concession stand with permission from a supervisor.  Students that choose to sit with their parents may go at any time, as long as they return to their seat in a reasonable amount of time. 


Those that do not choose to follow directions will be asked to leave the stadium for the evening and, in cases of severe misconduct, may not be allowed back for future home events.  If parents are not at the game, a phone call will be made to them in order to arrange a ride home.   

Please remember that we do not allow any outside food or drinks in the stadium,  backpacks, or large bags.

We want this to be a fun-filled, enjoyable evening for all who attend!